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04-23-2012, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by vinru821 View Post
No No No.

2 Lt. cmdr slots? Ridicules

+10 to all power settings? Crazy

13 console slots? Get out of here

This is just someones fantasy build. Waste of time

And btw all ships have shield modifiers, not a base amount of shielding. ( .8, 1.2 , etc)

Lets have a Quonos Dreadnaught build then

5 forward weapons
4 rear
2 cmdr universal slots
2 lt. cmdr slots
2 lt slots

15 console slots
5 device slots
3 hanger bays

special disruptor cannons that deals 15k damage in an 90 degree arc, 30 sec cooldown.

There we are, another ridicules build! Get real!
The build in question was already refuted by myself. I tried to get a discussion going with DarkWhite (the creator) but he never answered my questions/comments.

That build does not singly reflect the thoughts of the group that's been following the thread. Look through the plethora we've all thrown around and find some you like.