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04-23-2012, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by gong1fu1panda
Thanks a lot for the answer,
I believed I read it somewhere that is not possible. But gladly it is. But some people still keep on saying sto was a "single player" game.

Great that you also explained the team leader match. I wasn't wondering about that one too. I do still have questions though .

1. How many players can participate in the episode missions?
2. Does every player beam down with his entire bridge officer away team (this would explain why the bridges and halls are so ridiculously gigantic)?
3. As far as I can remeber, the game starts with the player as ensign fighting off borgs before you ever make contact with earth space dock. Is that initial part also cooperative?
4. I'm not sure how you want to solve the "choose one option" conversations on e.g. DS9 briefing room in "Second wave". I guess the team leader decides everything?
1 - 5 People on team max.
2 - No, the other players replace the BOFFs.
3 - It is.
4 - It's a voting thing. Everyone has to click the agreeable button.