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04-23-2012, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Please quote where I said anything about this idea taking priority over other development. I'll save you some time though, because I didnt. You just assumed I meant something I didnt, and started posting off topic comments about something completely unrelated to the Doff system. This thread is not about actual PvP, it is about a new form of Doff mission. All of your comments about actual PvP are off topic in both this thread and this board(Duty Officer System).
You want a new form of DOFF mission that invoves a Player's Doffs being sent on Doff missions against another Player's Doff Missions.

Which is a new form of PVP via the DOFF System.

So again, my comments in the previous 2 postings now are still Valid. And it is not an assumption that if they were to begin work on this straight away that they would be moving resources around. Resources that could be used on other systems. And while I know that it is not being jumped on straight away, I feel that the resources could be better used else where until such a time that the games actual PVP system is polished up. Which will take quite some time even after they start the Overhaul. So, for the third and final time, I say that while your suggestion would be nice in the future as an interesting option, it would be better to bring up such a suggestion again perhaps later when the DOFF system has stopped showing lengthy bug fixes on patch notes. And when PVP has had it's proper repair.