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04-23-2012, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by Gagravarr
I'm not absolutely sure about this, but in my experience just 2 tribbles eat (and breed) per hour. So to build your carcass grinder, you need 2 normal tribbles, a stack of food and 1 cannibal in that order. This worked for me. So one of the normal tribbles will reproduce and one of the three will be eaten by the cannibal. Theoretically this would work with just 1 normal tribble too, but if the cannibal eats first, the chain is stopped.

That's what I'm wondering. Because with two tribbles you'll soon have a Tribble infested bank.

Now I carried out a test.
I put 4 Random cheap Tribbles from the exchange in the Bank, along with 4 MRE's and 4 Cannibals. They did seem to fire in the order I suggested above.

HOWEVER: Some thing weird has happened.
I had the correct number of carcasses, yet I had % Normal Tribbles and 3 MRE's left after the breeding cycle.