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Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
Spread is pointless 90% of the time... in both pve and pvp.

In pvp its fine for controlling spam I guess... but lacks any killing power and you are lucky enough to land torps on one person with out a shield facing let alone 2.

In PvE you will draw argo on all the things you don't want to draw argo on... don't be the spreader that pulls tac cubes and gets one shot by gates that would have ignored you.

Also HY single target dmg IS MUCH higher. One you get an extra dmg hit...2 they all hit 20% higher. 3... if your a tac or a sci with sensor scan those higher base numbers translate into MASSIVE crits.

Yes Spread is usable where it was once junk... still HY is better in every situation I can think of. The first change to spread made it much better then HY... it has since been corrected and works as it should. Really outside of spam control I don't see the point.
Not sure about the above... based on Aug 2011 patch notes,
Significantly increased damage - damage is 85% of the equivalent ranked High Yield torpedo.
I tried to look for any newer torp spread damage revisions but failed to find any. The latest torp spread damage analysis thread I found was here:

So, unless I'm missing something, TS gives up 15% of its equivalent HYT damage for enhanced AoE damage burst. For STF's, this is a very good trade given how often Borg ships spawn togehter. For PVP, HYT is a slightly better, especially when backed by target shield subsystems. Both HYT and TS have their own strengths and weaknesses.