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# 1 Aegis, Omega, or MACO?
04-23-2012, 04:27 PM
Good Day Captains,

I was hoping to pick your brains about the STF sets.

I've been running Aegis since the set came out, but have started gearing up for one of the follow on sets. Despite reading through the forums though, I'm still not sure I understand which one of these sets are the best for me.

I just traded in my Excelsior Refit with Tetryons for the Gal X with XI Antiprotons and one Quantum fore and aft. I tend to be more DPS than Tank...or as much as it's possible to do so with a Tac/Cruiser setup.

So, I guess I'd like to know if one of these sets is really the standout according to popular opinion, or is it build dependent, or are the set bonuses so "meh" that a mix of the sets gives you better bang for your buck. Every thread I read leans me one way or another. Also, I know that the latest patch changed the values a bit, so I was also hoping to refresh the discussion since I'm not certain the older threads are vaild anymore.

Thanks for your input!

BTW, I'm running mostly STFs now, so I've temporarily put PvP aside, if that factors into the discussion any.