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04-23-2012, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by Shook-Yang
Depends on your skill point allocation.

With the 2-piece Omega set, I get -29 shield reduction from each weapon. Not that impressive. I have no points in Flow Capacitors.

I have the 2-piece MACO set (shields and deflectors), as I find the defense capabilities and the set bonus more useful than the bump in accuracy and the tetryon glider.

I use the Omega engines, because of the shorter Transwarp cooldown and better turn radius.
I find Omega better at sustained combat due to the 221 shield regen on my advanced escort vs. 152 for the MACO equivalents. MACO defends better at big alpha strikes due to the 5% damage absorbtion and 10% energy damage reduction, but otherwise, its slower recharge makes MACO more dependent on BO shield regeneration abilities (EPtS, TSS, Sci-Team, etc.).

Omega used to have OP'd shield drain rates at -37, but as of now I only get -10 shield drain per weapon shot at maxxed +9 Flow Capacitors. However, this -10 shield drain triggers per weapon hit (tested extensively), so they will strain enemy shields with slow recovery rates.

As mentioned above, MACO works best on Cruisers and Sci ships with lots of shield-regen BO abilities, while Omega favors fast attack escorts that hit/run.