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04-23-2012, 08:46 PM
I used to run a cannon cruiser with CRF or CSV (I switch boffs depending on scenario) but I recently swapped out the cannons for extra DBBs and torpedoes, the reason being the new STF changes reward staying fast and attacking from a longer range. Also I felt the little pew pew of the light cannons was nothing compared to the sushi-slicing PEWWWWWWW of a DBB set on BFaW

Because of the limited tactical slots on an assault cruiser I went with BFaW and TS as my primary damage causing implements due to reasons aforesaid - crowd control is important for ESTFs.

I also like calling out 'Full peanut butter spread!' when I activate the TS and crap all over a bunch of poor probes.

Besides, both BFaW and TS are also effective versus single targets, with DBBs and buffs, tremendously so.

The only reason why I would use HY is if the ship is going to spam both front and rear torpedoes simultaneously (as my RSV can, fire fore then swing around fast and spam again from aft), or to see those fantastic heavy tricobalt device graphics.

But seeing as TCBs are really useless due to the low rate of fire I decided BFaW was a much better skill than HY.