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04-23-2012, 10:48 PM
I have read through this thread in it's entirety. And I have to say I am completely impressed with the B'rel Retrofit's Torpedo Boat Design and am thinking of obtaining one for my own use. However I have a question. I know that one of the reasons that you all use two pieces of the Klingon Honor Guard set is to gain a bonus to the Torpedo and Mine Damage Output. But what about the new Ferengi Marauder Set.

Rapid Fire Missile Launcher
Kinetic Damage
180 degree targeting arc
892 Kinetic Damage (357 DPS)
+20% Accuracy

Concentrated Tachyon Mine Launcher
Creatures 5 Level 51 Concentrated Tachyon Mines
Deals 434 Damage to Shields per Mine
Increases Damage to Shields from all energy types for 10 seconds per mine

Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console
Universal Console
+11% Mine and Torpedo Damage
+46% Power Transfer Rate
+17 Starship Flow Capacitors

Set Bonuses:
Set 2: Sector Space Tycoon (reduces Energy Credit Prices by 20% at Sector Space Vendors)
Set 3: A Lifetime of Experience (+10% CXP Bonus)
Friends in High Places (Summons a Freighter that allows access to unique duty officer assignments)

I know the set abilities seem pretty useless to the ship. And the Tachyon Mines are probably less than useful. But I figure that at the very least the Rapid Fire Missile Launcher might be worth consideration (thats a huge maybe), and any excuse to gain an additional 11% on the damage that our mines and torpedo's do (the console) seems worth the effort to me, especially since it is a universal console :-/