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04-24-2012, 02:24 AM
And to save your own ***, the MACO Ground Set is king, especially the Emergency Shield Capacitor.
disagree...for tactical omega is king. paired with the operative kit. you lunge the target...pull out your pulsewave, hit the shroud, and retreat. 2 times that, paired with the other buffs the operative kit has, and you take out tactical drones like a BOSS!

to the topic: rainbow cruisers in general!^^ but if they are a commander tier, like i experianced it, thats really as far as it can go. and that was an elite stf infected space...
i wrote in the team chat if he was serious about his ship and elite stf's, no response. Then i gnored him and was done with it.

PS: we did it anyway, but without optional and the guy forgot his loot...ofcourse!