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04-24-2012, 03:01 AM
As engineer. For ground stf I use 2 kits. Bunker Fabrication and Enemy Neutralization. For the first part of ground STF, Bunker fabrication is really useful especialy medical regenerator. When it's time to meet the mob. Also it depends the mob. I use Enemy neutralization. Both of these kit have medical regenerator which is helpful for teammate.
My set is maco X with the gun and polaron gun. I liked the jem'hadar set but the gun needs too much remodulation. It's not useful when it's time to fight the mob. Due I'm engineer I'm always in the second line. I can't fight on the front line and give support building turrets in the same time
My klingon rerole is a scientist. It's really interesting. Scientist gives another way to play another kind of enjoyment.