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04-24-2012, 04:39 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara
Most likely means accolade score for the character, which means nothing to me.

How good the player is, is evident from their ingame actions. No discrimination this way
It means a lot to me along with ingame actions. A low accolade means Instant Admiral. It usually means a failboat. Every now and then they've done their research and actually fly right. But that's only every now and again...

I'm no fan of Cryptics Instant Admiral process.

Back on topic, KINDA...

I did a CSN yesterday and actually had all the cubes dead in under 5 minutes. 'Holy Dooky' I said.... No oddys, no Rainbow Technicolor Beams, no Skittle Cannons and the Kang never got a scratch!!!

Just 5 great and mighty Escorts with intelligent, experienced Captains!

To top it off, ALL 5 SAID 'HI!'