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04-24-2012, 05:51 AM
The worst STF experiences usually involve people that are unable or too lazy to watch their surroundings and react to things. Like 3 escorts wailing away at transformers while two cruisers clearly cannot stop all the nanite spheres and probes that spawn.

I also hate with a passion when I'm guarding the Kang and the four guys taking out the cubes just won't kill the BoPs or Raptors spawning right next to them.

I also hate when my level 46 sci captain in a Vor'cha clearly does the most DPS in a group.

I hate when people knock around the carrier.

I hate escorts firing beam arrays and zipping around the map like retarted mosquitos while autofiring mines all over the place without them ever hitting something.

I hate dying next to cruisers that have an aversion to healing team members.