Thread: DOFF vs DOFF?
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04-24-2012, 06:13 AM
Although PvP is in the title of this thread, this is not "real" PvP like you are talking about. This is simply about a new form of Doff mission. That being the case, the "real" PvP you are talking about has nothing to do with this thread(or board) and is off topic here.
Well... actually... if the idea was developed, ultimately it could well tie in with the "real" PvP system.

Consider a scenario where the crew of the USS Cantab are repeatedly thwarted by the crew of the IKS NastyKlingons. You could imagine that vessel and its crew becoming something of a nemesis.

Throw in some new PvP maps and a way of issuing a direct challenge to your nemesis, and hey presto, a new game mode.

Perhaps I'm just setting myself up to be flamed by both sides here... oh well