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04-24-2012, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by Shar487
I notice the extra regen when fighting borg in Elite STF's... their Tachyon beams routinely drained all shields, followed by big 80k+ plasma torp criticals. Shield base regen rates are directly multiplied by EPtS, so high base regen shields recover much faster than low versions. Once I switched from MACO to Omega, I immediately noticed Omega's better sustained damage mitigation in a prolonged fire-fight. MACO can survive bigger single hits but has problems recovering after all shield facings are drained.

I have maxxed flow capacitors, and I only see -10 energy drain per weapon in the current patch (used to be -37). In all honesty, Tetryon Glider did need the nerf since it applied its effect to all shield facings each hit (easily adding more than +74 DPS vs. shields per energy weapon present).

No, all weapon cooldowns remain the same, but the 5% power recharge level does increase DPS ever so slightly after the initial shot, but the net gain is quite small. Omega's shield drain effect adds a lot more total DPS.
I will need to grind some more for the prototype engines and shields. I just got the mk xii MACO shields and deflector dish. I don't usually have that much problem in Elite STF, as long as I attack the cube's blind spots (above and below the cubes). Do you also find the Omega shields more useful in PvP?

As for the power recharge, I had thought that it increase the recovery rate of my power levels initially. But, then I noticed that, when I open the abilities window and hover over each ability, the cool down was shorter than it should be (usually by about 2 seconds). I'm not sure what caused this, so I had guessed that maybe it was the MACO 2-piece set.