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04-24-2012, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
I have found that the Automated Defense Turret from the Deluxe Edition has saved my butt a good many times against Romulan High Yield Plasma Torpedo’s during PVE. Otherwise, it is not worth taking up a tactical console other than having a bit of fun.
Did you play pve lately? Elite or normal? It didn't save my butt against invisble plasma toprpedoes from borg Tac Cube in Elite STF. And in normal STF I have no idea if it did something useful because I didn't notice anything between have it or not in normal STF.
Point Defense System helped me a lot in KASE. Because it can shot 4 probes at the same time. It's helpful when suddenly probes come by 4 and your teammates are coming to give support.