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04-24-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by ShinobiDragoon View Post
According to a Dev post regarding the MACO set when it first came out, the 2-piece set bonus is supposed to reduce cooldowns on all Bridge Officer abilities by 5%. I don't yet have a matching deflector for my shield, so I can't test it directly though.
MACO's current description reads as follows:

Set 2: Magnetoplasma Relays

+5% Power Recharge Speed
+15 Starship Power Insulators
I thought that "power recharge speed" referred to ship system energy levels since the text description did not mention any bridge officer abilities. Compare this to the DOFF "Horatio," which specifically mentions "Bridge Officer power recharges reduced by 10%" in

Any Devs reading this available to clarify?