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04-24-2012, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by Faelandaea View Post
I guess I always looked at it as a test pf patience. No one gets their gear overnight. it just doesn't happen. If there is one thing the current STF system tests it is patience.
No one has ever requested it be overnight.

You can have a fully deterministic method for attaining gear that prevents people from gearing overnight.

Not to mention a random based loot system does not prevent this.

So you're not testing anything, except how long your players are willing to put up with a very archaic endgame system before they finally decide to quit, and move on.

The reason we even have things like EDCs in the first place is because of ye olde guilds from the ancient days of MMOs - players did not like raid-farming with a random loot roll, so one very smart player in particular invented a quasi-deterministic system for loot distribution within a guild through the earning of points (DKPs, to be specific - created by Thott of Afterlife from EQ).

EDCs are in fact, earning something through patience, but there is no similar deterministic method for MK XII gear.

Originally Posted by Faelandaea View Post
I'm pretty sure that is what I was getting at. People get very worked up over a game, and I tend to look on that in an amusing light. Rage over a game is not logical. A lot of people do not see the glass half full like I try to do. Okay . . . almost no one does. That's the cool part about being unique is that i can look at things in a different perspective.
It's not just a game, its a product. Some of us also support this product with our disposable income.

Have you ever been to a sporting event? People get pretty worked up over those "games", and they aren't even playing in them.

What's not logical is pretending that human beings do not have emotions, and that they do not become emotionally invested in their hobbies (especially ones they spend money on) - that's not logic, that's utter nonsense.

Originally Posted by Faelandaea View Post
How I see it is: Okay, so I didn't get my tech this time, but I had a GREAT time running with a GREAT group of friends that i met here in STO, AND I get dilithium like crazy doing it (plenty of free c-store points to buy things). Yes, it is repetitive. and can drag out sometimes. But that's when we take a break and go do a Defera Invasion, Red Alerts, DOFF Missions, etc. STFs are not the only end-game option.
None of those other things are 'endgame', the fact that you can partake in those systems below a certain level precludes them from ever possibly being "endgame".

I think you might not have a clear concept of what an endgame in an MMO is.

Originally Posted by Faelandaea View Post
You ARE absolutely RIGHT though . . . Elite STF gear does NOT prove skill. It ONLY proves patience,
It proves none of those things.

The rest of your post kind of devolved into "player's don't need X". This is obvious, why would you even state this?

Player's want this, but instead of allowing them to earn it - they are forced to put up with a random loot mechanic instead.