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04-24-2012, 01:06 PM
Well I was thinking of getting a B'Rel for my TAC too, to complete my set of T5 powerhorses and regarding the fact a Klingon just has to have the iconic vessel of the Empire. Kolbrand's impressive demonstrations encouraged me too.
Have to admit I was playing my one and only (ever) FED TOON yesterday to earn the final bits of dil I need, I encountered some torp boats in arena PVP and Kerrat with my Fleet Escort.

It almost broke my heart seeing how poorly those guys did perform against my (random) team and me soloing. In the arena we had Rachael from the Sad Pandas on our side (big thanks to you for taking the lead btw) - I was downed ONCE by beeinged ganged and shot down a B'Rel about three or four times having my BO3 hitting his rear while trying to escape.

In Kerrat a guy (can't remember names, was spanish) took about 6 attempts one passing me - always the same result - about 1-3% (!!!) in hull loss or my MACO Mk XII shield going slightly red in a direct hit when I failed to take doen the Bio-neural. Pretty much looked like Kolbrand's weapon setup, his timing was rather bad and he did not use fancy Sci tricks though. So this was a blame for this ship especially as it was quite easy for me to take him down a couple of times.

Have to state I am not a pro in PVP which makes this even more sad...

Hope I am lucky enough encountering Kolbrand some day and him being able to convince me to take a try of the B'Rel myself.

Hate to see the feds to laugh about puny attempts.