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04-24-2012, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
This is exactly what I said would be happening in the interview. When new cosmetic variants of the three sets are made available to me I will put the current ones in the store. The new ones would then be the only ones that you can only get from drops.

There will always be at least one set that is only available on Elite and only available as a drop. This will not change. As a player you will have a choice, play now and hope that you get your drops for the current high end set.

Or, Save up EDC's and wait for that set to show up on the STF store.
This actually makes me a happy camper, Goz...

I've gotten to a point with at least one character where all he does is either STFs or (on request) assisiting fleet mates with PVP, Dailies, etc.

I'll definately have to hold on to more of my EDCs from here out.