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You have read that correctly.

After a year of being in production, we at the SF41 have decided to release the first part of the novel to the public.

The Basic Plot

The story starts out with the player taking on the role of a female character named Kaliena. The character is sent to Vulcan by her Commanding Officer to give her a reduced assignment because she is pregnant, and Starfleet Command does not want to have a pregnant Captain in a war zone. She is to report to a Vulcan Scientist to work on an assignment of upmost importance. The player returns home to Vulcan to tell her parents that she is pregnant and plans to marry her Bajoran lover Utta Dyrus.

Upon returning home Kaliena soon discovers that her father is the Vulcan Scientist she has been assign to work with on Vulcan.

The story so far, is divided into six Acts. This part takes the player through Act 1 to Act 2 Scene 2. The next part of release will start at Act 2 Scene 2.

A Long Story

This story is intended to be a long story. The first act is mainly exposition to establish who the characters are and why they are there. Act 2 is there to establish the plot of the story and lead the character to Act 3.

In Act 2, the character will have to start to learn from the environment and develop strategies to solve certain problems that prevent them from completing their assignment. The story is not designed for the casual player or a person who desires to jump in and out of a story for the purpose of dilithium ore mining.

The running time to play The first part is about 2 hours. Emote Dice rolling is required and built-in to the story.

Thank you and have fun.