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I was wondering whether any of the Devs thought about whether a form of the DO system might be ported over to CO?

I know that topic is probably better discussed in the CO forums, but I wanted to start here anyway.

Ok, Heroes don't have "duty officers" per se. But comic books do have a cast of people besides the heroes. Instead of "duty officers" they might be love interests, reporters, informants, bystanders, law enforcement... any NPC who might be in a position to do something for a hero and loosely ties into the hero's story.

It might fill some of the same "minor subplot" holes that the DO system fills in Star Trek Online. It might even suggest new ones for this game.

As to any analogue of the Commendation System, I dunno. Was I to take a quick stab at it, I might suggest something like...

Investigation (Detective Work), Law Enforcement, Arms, Science, Mysticism, Public Relations, and Personal Development (which might include things like love interests and "secret identity" stuff).

And I'll stop there, before it goes way off topic and out of scope.