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04-24-2012, 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by krenlik View Post
No, my point is that he THINKS his hull resist is that high... it's possible that occasionally wierd values get used instead of the proper one, etc.
If the numbers in the OP are from the combat log then he isn't just claiming to be mitigating more than half the damage received, he is.

Originally Posted by TF Omega
You'll note that cryptic only mentioned "borg" in the release notes and while the negh'var is technically borg, the logic for the klingon ship was/is probably in a different section of the source code that they didn't address, hence why one shot kills still occur with them.
I'm fairly sure the Negh'vars are Borg NPC's. If you're in a bad PuG that doesn't destroy them quickly they start using abilities that the KDF Negh'var doesn't have access to such as a cutting beam as well as the Plasma weapons. I'd imagine they have very little in common with the Klingon NPC.