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I am sorry to hear you will not be able to play Call of Cthulhu because the story takes the view of a female character. Call of Cthulhu is our desire to move away from stories that are combat driven and to much of a cookie-cutter story.

We at the SF41 feel that there are plenty of those kinds of stories on the Foundry already, and we have already produced enough short stories that do not take on a point of view.

However, I think it is sad that people cannot find it in themselves to step outside of their norm. The art of true role play is to play the story and take on a character that challenges you. Sometimes we will have to take on roles as female toons. I am a female and I have had to play many stories on the Foundry that are written from a male perspective, even when the writer attempts to be neutral to gender, I do not find it to be a good story.

Most good stories and good movies must take a point of view to get down to a personal story. A story requires a hero, and the hero must take on the challenges and villains unique to that hero.

I think of it as an actor playing a role for a Star Trek Episode. Roleplaying is not any different.

However, if you do find the time to review the story, I would like to think you would enjoy it.

Thank you.