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04-24-2012, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by Klytemnestra
I am sorry to hear you will not be able to play Call of Cthulhu because the story takes the view of a female character. Call of Cthulhu is our desire to move away from stories that are combat driven and to much of a cookie-cutter story.
It has nothing to do with the character being female. There are other Foundry missions that are heavily story based and not combat driven(like you just said your goal was) that dont try to tell me who my character is for me.

Most good stories and good movies must take a point of view to get down to a personal story.
And in video games where players create their own characters rather than having the character created for them, this is done through the personal story of the characters they encounter in the missions.

I've been hoping someone would create some Lovecraft themed missions for some time now, but unfortunately this is not what I had in mind. Sorry.