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04-24-2012, 04:56 PM
well every cure iv done to nite= 20 has been a fail

reason 1 one hit wonders non stop
reasopn 2 the raptor are spawning hitting nim 3k to 30k no ship can stand that for long
reason 3 the war birds spawn hitting 5kmin to 185k (most iv been hit) if not one wounder shot bye bye

now kit fine playable so is infected but cure is ****ed up beyound insane from what i can see war birds have been turnd into twin tac cubes with super boosters and raptors are cube with super boosters

yet i can do elite kit and solo a cube fine take 2 sheres fine i can do elite infected solo the cubes there fine
take on 3 spheres fine go to cure ur need a full fleet of 50+ships umm i think someone messed up the scrips for that stf what happen u run out of coffee ???? and started getting sleepy when reprogaming that one?????

or was it just pass ur bed time??????