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04-24-2012, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by krenlik View Post
No, my point is that he THINKS his hull resist is that high... it's possible that occasionally wierd values get used instead of the proper one, etc.
No, I don't "think" my hull resists are that high.

I know they are that high and more importantly the game thinks & knows they are that high, that's how you get the values listed in my thread title.

Regardless, the Torpedo hit for 166K damage before my resistances, and this hit me through full (MACO MK XII) shields which have 5% bleedthrough.

So yeah, something is definitely screwy, but the combat log doesn't really tell us what it is except that I resisted more than 50% of the damage of the HYT III Plasma Torp.

Originally Posted by krenlik View Post
According to the devs only high yield shootable torps from tactical cubes should be able to get anywhere close to that... not normal torpedos from these other ships. That indicates that something screwy is going on in their calculations, not that torpedos are too strong.... since, as you note, they'd never create a torpedo that strong deliberately.

I agree something is screwy.

Originally Posted by TF-Omega View Post
You'll note that cryptic only mentioned "borg" in the release notes and while the negh'var is technically borg, the logic for the klingon ship was/is probably in a different section of the source code that they didn't address, hence why one shot kills still occur with them.
You'll note that all ships on STFs are called "Borg XXX" at the start of their name, they all take added damage from the Borg Procs.

It's most likely that they are tagged as [Borg] in their code.

You also are not accurately quoting the release notes:

STF Borg:

Slightly reduced damage output of all classes of STF Borg.
Cubes and Tactical Cubes saw a slightly greater reduction
, percentage-wise.

Slightly reduced the damage output of all Dreadnought-class ships, game-wide.

While it's just speculation, I think Borg Negh'var would fall into at least one of those categories if not both.

It might have to do with the fact that they not only have access to Torpedo damage scales well beyond what players are capable of, but also that these Battlecruisers have access to High Yield 3 (which is impossible for a player Negh'var since it is a Lt Comm Tac Power).