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I had an interesting thought for a Doff mission, which depending on how the tech works may or may not be a terrible idea.

I had the idea of a Doff Mission that allows you to change the specialisation of the Doff you assign it to. It changes nothing else about the character but the specialisation itself, so rarity, skills, name and profile remain the same. I'd imagine it as a uncommon-rare assignment, with the proviso that the general category of the Doff doesn't change - so, say, an assignment to make a Doff into a Botanist will only take as input a Science Doff, or an assignment to an Entertainer can only take a Civilian Doff input. It would probably be rarer than the current Exchange missions, as they stand, as this is effectively a directed Exchange assignment, albeit only for one aspect of the Doff.

This idea has probably been thrown out before, but I couldn't find it in the search. And I may, possibly, just be getting irritated at how difficult some particular specialisation are to find through normal avenues. Thoughts?