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04-25-2012, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by Gypsy_Blade
It's not a bug, it shares a cool down with other torpedos

Edit: reread your post and needed to make an extra comment...

It's a 3 minute cooldown and doesn't damage shields very much...

Take it off auto and just use it on targets with shields down.... I've personally have had no issue with this power..
It is a bug as if you use torpedoes its next to impossible to use the swarm missiles. Worse yet if you use the Ferengi set missile item which is meant to be left on auto fire with its 2sec fire rate you can barely press the button to use swarm missiles.

I run a torpedo boat, the DíKora with its 30% torpedo damage is very much a torpedo ship. So why have swarm missileís fail to fire when torpedoes are used?