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04-25-2012, 04:43 AM
Some hints:

Viral Matrix - high level boff skill, disables enemy subsystems at random. Good vs single capital ship targets as it can drop shields, weapons, etc
Photonic Shockwave - mid-hi level repulse + disable + kinetic damage
Gravity Well - mid-level crowd control - clusters lots of PvE targets together to make them an easy target for cannons and torpedoes
Scramble Sensors - low-mid level crowd control - makes PvE targets shoot each other instead of your ships. I think this and Jam Sensors actually function in PvP too.
Tyken's Rift - low-mid level area power drain, basically like a gravwell but drains power.

After a while you notice that a science ship could be played like a light cruiser with extensive 'electronics warfare' ability plus wreak havoc in space.

You also get built in precision subsystem targeting (useful to drop enemy shields or stall their engines) and sensor analysis which gives you a 33% damage bonus if you lock on to someone for 1 minute.