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04-25-2012, 05:57 AM
Ha, someone else looking into A Final Unity. I still consider that the best Star Trek Game.

I have a question. I'm creating a mission (my first one. It's rubbish right now, but we'll see how it goes) in which the player comes across an ancient Chodak base, and release a genetically engineered Chodak. Now, this character will look nothing like the chodak seen in A Final Unity, except for his skin colour and yellow eyes, but they will be heavy mentions to the game and the Enterprise's mission. I'm also thinking of mentioning places like Allanor (may visit here) and The Unity Device itself, as well as Garidians in later epsiodes.

Now, I figure talking about the game as a previous mission is fine, but as the Chodak and Garidians were exclusivly from that game, would I be allowed to use them in this fashion in these missions?

Would I be allowed to use Pentara, as she isn't a real person and so doesn't bear a likeness to anyone (as far as I know), but she was seen and created for A Final Unity? I don't know if I would use Pentara, or make some random Garidian up, but I may as well ask.

Also, would I be allowed to utilise that Romulan ship from series 4 of Enterprise, the one that could mimic other ships? Obviously it would not appear in it's natural form, as that does not exist in the foundary, but could I use it as a plot point if I use other ships and say it's that Romulan ship in disguise?