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04-25-2012, 06:28 AM
Some of the issues are limitations to the foundry challenge itself. And, to be quite honest with you, this is my last Foundry challenge. I plan on taking this story arc further so the questions involving the Professor will be answered in another episode. The Admiral having to go despite there being a threat on her life is what's known as an artificial time crunch. She gives you a deadline and never considers for a moment you would fail.

I'll fix the typos. Like I said, after looking at it for so long there was something I was bound to miss. I'll try to add some clarity to the plot, but the whole idea is to leave the players confused about what is going on. With the 30-minute time limit there just isn't enough time to explain everything. A lot of these questions will be answered in follow-up missions.

As for the map, if you are falling off the edge, please tell me. I put an invisible wall all around that map so you shouldn't be falling off anything! The idea is the map is supposed to be an airfield rising high above the moon's pockmarked surface. I'm actually pleased with the map. So if you are falling off it, say so. But I won't be making any changes to it and will be using it in future episodes.

Last thing: dialogue. When I write missions, I assume your captain is on friendly terms with the crew. Sort of like Sisko sitting around the dinner table. So while they still call him Captain (as Cryptic has been heading recently and I'm just trying to match them) they are still less proper in their conversation. So just keep in mind that when you play my missions, the dialogue will be more personal in nature and not military in nature.

Last thing: I hate time travel stories. I decided to give it a shot but there were two things that make it difficult with the way I did it. 1) there has to be a story when played chronologically makes sense 2) the story played as is must make sense. Balancing those to things is extremely difficult and I hope to be able address some of the issues you brought up. This is why Cryptic has an entire QA staff... I have me.

But I thank you for your observations. I'll try to work on them this afternoon if I have time. And thanks for playing it. Look out for the sequal! Hopefully it'll clear some things up (and will be released on my terms )