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Call of Cthulhu story is a personal story that is on a grand scale. The heroine is going to do some scenes on a personal level where she will have some romantic scenes and intimate moments. A cookie cutter style story format won't work. This is especially true since the heroine is pregnant.

If you place a male character into the story, the essential core problems the character is faced with and has to deal with will not be able to be played by a male toon.

Also, this is not my first story. This is my 12 or 13 story so far. In this show we wanted to do this story in this specific format for people that wanted to play these type of stories because there are very few of them in the game.

Also, when we write these stories, we do them live on set with the other writers and roleplayers in Star Trek Online. Much of the story is developed organically over along period of time. In play testing, many players did not have any problem with the main character being a female toon. We play tested the show with male players who had no desire to play a female heroine, but they came away with a good experience.

I do not see it as any different then playing a Tomb Raider game where the lead character is Lara Croft. or Bloodrayne where the lead Vampyl is a female toon.

Not every Foundry story has to be a cookie cutter, go here and shoot that style of story.

All stories have to provide the four needs, which in psychology are referred to as the four F's (feeding, fighting, fleeing, Mating).

This story provides all those needs which sets up the psychological drive or motivation in the story.

One of the flaws I see in many stories on the foundry is that they never capture any emotion with the characters. This story is our attempt to move away from that and chart a new course for us as writers.

Call of Cthulhu and Terror and the Patch are designed for players who like to read novels like Dracula or Tales of Two Cities. The stories are designed to be spoken out loud with Ventrilo and Vivox so people can have fun with the voice acting.

However, I think our stories are the strongest stories on the Foundry to date. You actually have to think about things in the two novels.

At its core, Star Trek is about being bold... and that is what we want to be in our story telling. Also, it is our way of telling a non-linear story with a linear tool set.

Also, I think that this story fits the Lovecraft model of story telling. In his time, the story was not celebrated by all, nor was it read by all. It survived over time because it was unique. And, if a person professes to be a H.P. Lovecraft fan, then I would think who the character is would be irrelevant. If the player is truly using the Foundry for story telling and adventure, then why not just be whimsical and play the story the writer wrote.

I like to think of our stories as hidden treasures in the game and the Foundry.

And for those who think the story is to deep or complex, we are making animated movie versions.

Thank you