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Originally Posted by InputEnd View Post
Ok cool i was just curious,and yea its really only for normal when im bored of flying my MVAE or my oddy,just not sure what skills to use on my Sci officers o.O....Um any suggestions

I fly with an engineer on elite in my RSV (aka Luna class) and do juuuuust fine. I do 1 Quantum Torp, 5 polaron beam arrays, polaron consoles, flow caps, and max out partical gens + Flow.

For skills, Fire At Will, Attack Pattern Beta, torpedo spread, Tractor beam, Energy Siphon II, Tykens Rift 3.

The rest is basically defensive, and i'll leave to you... (I do 2x polarized hull, EPtS2, Transfer Shield Strength, Eng Team w/ 3 Maintainance Doffs.) I tend to use Photonic Shockwave defensively if there's the possibility of heavy yield... great for taking down an incoming torpedo that'd ruin your day. This loadout probably wouldn't work on a Tac, since if I get nailed especially hard I always have my engineering defenses to fall back on to stay alive.

I keep weapon power around 120, and just use my natural Aux levels for the most part. You'll do good damage swooping broadside and unloading with Fire At Will + AP:B, then releasing a bunch of torpedos into the group. AP:B will also enhance the damage dealing of everyone else on the team.

The energy drains make the really tough enemies somewhat less dangerous and helps out by keeping people from needing to respawn, or shutting down shields, engines, etc, which will cause them to take damage faster. A fast cycling Eng Team lets me throw a heal to anyone that gets nailed periodically to keep them healthy.

I really enjoy the build.

edit: reading some other posts, it sounds like Aux2Sif may be a better idea for a science ship due to the inherant Aux bonus and has an intrinsically low cooldown of 15s. Can anyone verify? Does it share a systems cooldown with EPtS or something else?