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04-25-2012, 09:40 AM
I don't think anyone is arguing with you on that. But you're approaching the Foundry like a novel, rather than a video game. The point of a video game, its core uniqueness, is the player interaction. You're right in that a lot of games assign you a character. But you have control over them, and can dictate their actions. In STO and games like it, one of the ways a player exercises control is by creating their own character.

It is jarring when that control is taken away, or outright ignored. Stories can be made very strong without locking in a character to a specific name or class or gender. In a video game, especially one that allows character customization, such 'strength' dependent on a character being one specific thing strikes me as a shallowness of writing.

The caveat in this is that I haven't played the mission. I'm all for experimentation, and will be running it when I return from work. A more in-depth and backed review will be forthcoming, more than likely.