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04-25-2012, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by HF_Mudd
I guess my real question is, is it really that difficult to either find a more appropriate system, or alter your story/description to be consistent with the game universe? (Or, heck, do what I've seen some authors do and have the target redirect the player to a "nearby" system not actually on the map.)

Like I said, stuff like that (and the blocky baseplates, etc etc) makes me feel like the author just didn't give a ****. And when I get that feeling, it makes it harder for me to.
I was just trying to find a map that isn't used that often. I even talk about the other mission in the opening text explaining that the sun, from a distance, looks red due to technobabble. Most people I talk to are annoyed by the pop-ups and don't read them. I just didn't expect that to be an issue.

The blocky base was a purposeful decision. It's an airfield on a pockmarked moon. Military design, at its core, it generic. But I guess it is a matter of taste. You hate the colony, Tucana likes it. I build these maps to suit a purpose. For me, a large flat area makes a perfect airfield.