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04-25-2012, 10:54 AM
Good job on the number-crunching Maelwys. Previous patch notes mentioned a 15% damage loss when going from HYT to TS equivalents, but your experiments reveal a 25% difference. This actually sounds more appropriate for balancing HYT vs. TS.

Originally Posted by Verlaine View Post
On my escort i have both High Yeild and Spread (also the 2 cannon types) and i can blitzkreig my way through targets either 1 at a time or as groups plus having the 2 set ups i can react batter to what im facing - thats just my opinion on how i play and what ive seen, i ust Tetryon weapons so the shields go down faster than a prom date and then bang, in go the Quantums
I previously used tetryon weapons but found them a little too anti-shield focused. Once the target's shields were gone, tetryons essentially become no-proc weapons. Kinetic damage is easily mitigated by Brace for Impact, so a high-yield quantum salvo through an open shield is no guarantee of a pvp quick kill. The 2.5% tetryon weapon base proc rate also made its shield drain very sporadic and unreliable.

If you must focus on shield draining, consider 2 pieces of the STF Omega set if you don't already use them. The Omega 2-set Tetryon Glider bonus adds a fixed -10 shield drain per weapon hit (with +9 flow capactitors), easily outpacing default tetryon weapon procs. Polarized tetryon beam arrays and banks from the New Link mission rewards will also provide superior 10% shield drain proc rates, but no cannon version is available at this time.