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04-25-2012, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by Shar487
Good job on the number-crunching Maelwys. Previous patch notes mentioned a 15% damage loss when going from HYT to TS equivalents, but your experiments reveal a 25% difference. This actually sounds more appropriate for balancing HYT vs. TS.
Well it depends which value you're taking the percentage of... :-p

The ratio of TS to HYT is 4:5, so you'll gain 25% damage going from TS (4) to HYT (5), or you'll drop 20% damage going from HYT (5) to TS (4). I can't see where 15% would come from though. Geko's comments here seem to correspond with those first numbers anyway.

No worries RE the number crunching.

I had a look at Cannon:Rapid Fire and Cannon:Scatter Volley while I was at it. There's a bit less synergy between Torpedo Spread and Cannon Scatter Volley than I'd first thought - my standard tactic to killing off a group of ships in ESTFs is to pop my buffs (and an Attack Pattern Beta to soften up the foe's hull) and use CSV to strip the shields, followed by a Torpedo Spread to take out most of their (now debuffed) hull. But unfortunately CSV3 only hits up to 3 targets, where TS3 can hit 5... so in big mobs (such as the sphere/probe spawn after killing the first gate in KA) you'll not hit everything with your AoEs. It's certainly still a potent combo, just not as much as I'd initially assumed.

I'm a big fan of the idea of using "Gravity Well" to bunch things up for a Torpedo Spread though.