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04-25-2012, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Maelwys
Well it depends which value you're taking the percentage of... :-p

The ratio of TS to HYT is 4:5, so you'll gain 25% damage going from TS (4) to HYT (5), or you'll drop 20% damage going from HYT (5) to TS (4). I can't see where 15% would come from though. Geko's comments here seem to correspond with those first numbers anyway.

No worries RE the number crunching.

I had a look at Cannon:Rapid Fire and Cannon:Scatter Volley while I was at it. There's a bit less synergy between Torpedo Spread and Cannon Scatter Volley than I'd first thought - my standard tactic to killing off a group of ships in ESTFs is to pop my buffs (and an Attack Pattern Beta to soften up the foe's hull) and use CSV to strip the shields, followed by a Torpedo Spread to take out most of their (now debuffed) hull. But unfortunately CSV3 only hits up to 3 targets, where TS3 can hit 5... so in big mobs (such as the sphere/probe spawn after killing the first gate in KA) you'll not hit everything with your AoEs. It's certainly still a potent combo, just not as much as I'd initially assumed.

I'm a big fan of the idea of using "Gravity Well" to bunch things up for a Torpedo Spread though.
There is a good deal of synergy when combining AoE attacks like CSV and TS with Attack Pattern Beta 3. My damage output (along with everyone else attacking my present targets) dramatically increases thanks to AP-Beta's -50% damage resist debuff. Unfortunately that leaves my ship vulnerable to borg tractor beams + High Yield Torpedo 1-shots, but tractor beam repulsors easily defeats the latter thanks to its short 30-sec cooldown time.