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# 1 232nd Division, SCE
04-25-2012, 04:14 PM
Family friendly. In fact we built it so we could have a family fleet, and the fleet name is based on the 232nd Engineering Division of the 442nd Regiment of WWII. The leader of this fleet is based on a man who was part of that division, in the 100th Infantry Batallion, and the 442nd. So you can see family means a lot to us.

You don't have to be an engineer to be part of the 232nd Division of Starfleet Corp of Engineers. You don't even have to be a constant player or one of these die-hard. Right now there's only three of us, so expectations aren't really all that high. Mostly what we're hoping for and plan to do is we're waiting on Season 6 when all of the creation parts begin and we can do things to build a better fleet, literally from the decks on up. And yes, we also love to help others build up their ships, crews, and character. Role Play is fun and accepted (especially since the fleet commander is a Star Trek NUT), but isn't required.

What you do need to be is family friendly. We won't tolerated repeated breaking of rules regarding language and bullying. We will give warnings, but don't expect us to be patient about it. Two of the boys that have the potential to be playing are tweenagers and we're trying to raise them right.

Otherwise, our goal is simply to have fun, make friends, and build fun toys while enjoying the universe Gene R. and friends gave us to fantasize about. Let's all get out there and explore our imaginations.