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04-25-2012, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by Autistic_Cucoo
We've seen in First Contact that ye olde bullets work just fine against Borg. In STO Borg also use this awful invention "personal shields" so you have to drop those first, but why Starfleet isn't issuing good old M16s by now is beyond me. Can't adapt to kinetic damage... no remodulation necessary... but nooo, the military geniuses at Starfleet (and also KDF) still prefer to shoot energy weapons at Borg.
Because projectile/bullet weapons are old, archaric, and barbarian!

According to Federation. However if you look at the honor guard shotgun, it's actually designed to be anti-borg.

A: Shotgun setting disruptor.
B: Grenade launcher attached.
C: Bayonets for close quarters.

As opposed to the MACO/Omega Force where it's a plain rifle.