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I have a question: why is this mission named Call of Cthulhu? Because the story you have outlined in the OP has nothing to do with the actual HP Lovecraft story, and one of the reviews I read said that the title was misleading as it was not based on the Lovecraft story. I'm guessing this mission *is* based on the Cthulhu mythos, but there is a difference in simply creating a new story set in the mythos, and actually giving it the exact name of an existing story. Could you please clarify?
What you want me to do is tell you the entire plot of the whole show that spans two novels and 34 chapters... you are only at Act 1 and the beginning of act II in the show in Call of Cthulhu so far... which is all the introduction of the story and characters.

Also, we put subtle clues through out the stage and sets that characters have to click on to get clues in the story to figure out the plot as the story develops. For the player who takes the time to read the story and learn from the environment in the entire mosaic,, it is very easy to see how much of a factor Cthulhu is a factor.

For those who do not bother to actually read the story, they will never be able to figure it out. The plot and story is a complex story with many dimensions and layers. The overall purpose of Act 1 in Call of Cthulhu is to introduce characters and set the stage for Act 2 when the plot is introduced. It secondary purpose is to weed out fake role players who are only there for dilithium farming.

It is like Bram Stokers Dracula, the main plot did not even occur in that show until Chapter 12. There is no way you can play Act 1 and come away with "I know the entire plot."

The comment you refer to was by an individual who played the Act a while back when the show was still in production. He or she too was expecting to load up the game and poof Cthulhu attacks the ship, and you fire phasers to kill it (typical go here and shoot that Foundry story)

Any real writer and reader of novels knows the plot is not even revealed or introduced to the audience until Act 2.

However, for the person who wants a one button solution to winning a story we did write a story called 'Where the Brave dare not go."

Call of Cthulhu is not that kind of story. If you are already at the "where is Cthulhu point in Act 1. Then your not ready to handle a story like it. It is not a story designed for a running style player. It is designed for a relaxed player who wants to be immersed into a long story with real dialog, romance, and feelings.

Also, this story is designed for players with whimsey who like to read dialog and act it out in Vivox and Ventrilo. Players who are not afraid to go beyond their rigid "my way or the high way" attitudes. Players who can stop and laugh in the middle of a show. Players who are not running through the game like caffeine dope fiends.

There are players in the game that do not care to to play stories devoted to war and combat. There are players who want to play the game for adventure and romance. That is the player we seek to make Call of Cthulhu for.

I think it interesting you found the one comment to support your own bias , but ovelooked the other 5 people that did not support your claim who have actually played the most recent version of the story. Those folks seem to come away with great reviews and all had tons of fun with it.

As a side-note, I went with those the people when they reviewed it to see what they responded to the most. The people who left negative comments didn't want a followup interview.

Also, in Call of Cthulhu, the reader did not even get to see Cthulhu until the very end on the boat which was 20 pages into the story. Since that story is only 23 pages long, I think we are right on track. I do not recall in H.A. Wilcox's story told by Professor Angell's nephew H.P. Lovecraft even revealing CThulhu. The part only talked about the clay bas relief. I have Call of Cthulhu here on my desk here which I use as a guide for our show.

Even in Legrasse's recall of the event with the Cult of Chulhu, the reader did not even get a glimpse of Cthulhu.

Call of Cthulhu is only 6 Acts in our show, and Terror in the patch is 28 chapters. Call of Cthulhu in our Mosaic is the back Story for our other novel Terror in the Patch. We decided to stage Act 2 Scene 3 to Act 3 in its own separate story to give the player a break because the first part is a average 2 hour playing time. We felt it was a good idea to put a break in the story so the player can pick it back up at that point, and also, we needed the 10 maps to do the next part of the story because the wilderness trek is a two day over land trip for the heroes to do.

That part is going to require all ten map allotments to produce. We only had four maps left on the current part which we felt was not going to be enough to do the story justice. It would have just rushed the shows pacing.

Thank you