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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Not at all. What I am asking is if this mission is actually based on the storyline of "The Call of Cthulhu", which you borrowed the name from, or if it is a different story based on the Cthulhu mythos. Its a fairly simple question.

The only "bias" I have discussed in this thread is preferring not to have my character completely disregarded when playing a mission. That has absolutely nothing to do with someone saying the mission title is misleading. You seem pretty confused.
No, the foundry player agreement will not permit people to write a facsimile of Call of Cthulhu as it is staged in the book. We wrote to Cryptic about the very topic. That would violate the Foundry player agreement. Cryptic was kind enough to send us a response to the idea we had to actually stage a Foundry story around the actual book.

This story uses Call of Cthulhu as a starting point for the fictional story. But we take the position in the story that the legend is true. That is why we staged the first Act on Vulcan with the discovery of the clay bas-relief at the Ancient Vulcan Monastery.

We advance the timeline into the contemporary Star Trek Story line. Our story spans 4.5 million years of history. In Terror in the Patch, that novel deals with the time travel element of the novel. That story spans all 5 eras of Star Trek TV shows.

This show is mainly to bring Cthulhu into the Star Trek Online universe. We have kept Cthulhu pretty much as he is in the original book, but modernized him for a more Sci-fi feel.

The two novels is our idea of why all the factions in the galaxy are at war. In this show, the players are going to have to do scientific task and engineering task, as well as form relations with people on multiple worlds. There is combat in the show, but it is not the main purpose of the story.

This show starts off with Kaliena as the main character because of the way the show is designed. Terror in the Patch is not character specific. But, we decided to produce Call of Cthulhu because with Terror in the Patch people were not connecting the Cthulhu part of the story. So, we felt that this story was necessary for players to see the events that led up to how the NPC's in Terror in the Patch get to where they are in that show.

Also, I am not confused at all. I made one talking point and then changed and stated another talking point. I used separate paragraphs to indicate a change of topic. I was under the impression that people start a new paragraph in writing to indicate to a reader a change of topic or a break to help with content flow. That is my understanding of writing protocol. [The last three sentences are meant as whimsy and not intended to be absolute gospel.]