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04-25-2012, 10:56 PM
Yay for false advertising. Well, I was finally able to find the last unique Duty officer after opening 360 packs. Yes, that's 1080 DOffs before I found the one that Epsilonian didn't find. (Only got a total of 3 of the bind on pickup officers.) Here's her stats:

Industrialist Krinda

Overall, this whole process has been a huge letdown. Not only are all of these officers not Ultra rares as they were advertised as, they're also bind on pickup.

I should also note that these officers seem to be made with the Child's Toy console crafting mission in mind - they all have resolve and multiple traits that work for critting.

In addition, the Trader DOff is a trader for assignment purposes, but counts as a Quartermaster when applied to ground duty - you're not able to equip him and another Quartermaster for double the bonus cooldown reduction.