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04-26-2012, 01:57 AM
Originally Posted by Gypsy_Blade
Then weird because... I have my Quantums on Autofire and have no trouble clicking swarm missiles myself...

I don't have swarm on auto as I stated earlier because of the cooldown....

Although I'm not running a Torpedo boat.... I have 2xDHC 1xSC 1xQuantum forward and 1xBA 2xTurret 1x Quantum aft...
It might only be the fast firing torps. I have x3 purple torp speed doffs so even with quantum’s my torps fire at max speed at around 1.5sec. The problem seems to be every time a torp fires the swarms go into 1.5 sec cooldown. So if the quantum’s fire at 1.5sec the swarms never get a chance to fire.