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04-26-2012, 05:00 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01
Anyway, back on topic: Was playing Infected on normal earlier today. The moment the STF started we had someone, flying a Galaxy-R, call 'Go left'.

Okay - that's fine I thought/replied, as did almost everyone else apparently. However, someone in a Sovereign flew off to the right prompting Mr 'Go left' to have a little rant and subsequently fly off out of range, where he remainded for the duration, only reappearing to claim the end of mission reward.

Not my worst experience, but defnitely an annoying one.
See, PUG command is never about dictating terms. Galaxy R pilot should have said good morning with a smiley first then ask "Would everyone like to go left and 10% and kick Borg butt?"

There would be a collective enthusiastic YES instead

Don't take it personally if PUGs don't obey you.