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04-26-2012, 08:18 AM
Thanks again guys! I am now the proud owner of the following loadout:

1 x Borg Console
1 x Borg Assimilated Engine
1 x Borg Deflector
1 x Mk XII MACO Shield
4 x Mk XII Anti-Proton Beam Array
1 x Mk XI Anti-Proton Beam Array (Still collecting the salvage for the complete Mk XII weapons set)
1 x Mk XI Anti-Proton DBB (Same Here)
2 x Mk XI Quantums

I'm sure it's probably my imagination, but I do seem to do better in the few STFs I've tried with this loadout so far. I definitely feel I can better hold off the Borg one two punch that had previously left me listing and venting to space.

You've certainly made my crew happier. ;-)

Capt Matt Decker