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04-26-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
It's not as good as the Guramba and it's not a T5.
Evidently it is a T5 and the Guramba is not an escort but more a Hybrid Cruiser Escort that falls into the destroyer class of KDF vessels.
It has the same BOff layout, console, devices and even turn rate as the Garumba. The Only difference is the garumba has the siege mode, a lance attack and ever slightly more hull and shields.
The FE can mount cannons while the Garumba can only mount up to dual cannons.
So what special effect from the genre is missing as far as the FE is concerned that would prioritize it for a +1 design?
Surely not just a simple as its not as good as..... Cuase frankly its a great escort.