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04-26-2012, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post

Both the FE and the Garumba can mount the same weapon types. I should know this, I run both, and use pretty much the same setup:

4x DHC
3xTurret (or 2x turret and 1x Beam array/Torp)
Really? STOwiki says Dual cannons.
Still the question remains.
What special need would a +1 Fleet escort fill? What special effect or ability is it missing from the genre in its current form to qualify it for a +1 design.
For example teh Defiant-R was designed top fulfill its prescence as seen in the shows (and it does it well).
How is the Fleet lacking in that respect? Why not rather build some of teh other missing escorts from the genre instead?