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04-26-2012, 11:12 AM

Random PUG's are madness. There are people in STF queues who have unsound minds. And it once affected me also.

Infected Space Elite:

After we destroy the initial patrol we all head to the left cube. Well, all but one. This "special" dude goes straight after the still invulnerable gateway and starts shooting at it.

Me: "What are you doing? Fly to the left side and attack the Cube"
[No response.]
[After a minute or so]
Me: "Maybe you should try out normal STF's first and learn the tactics"
Dude: "But there is lesser loot in normal! I dont play them"
[The F****?!]
Me: "So you never played normals? Instead you play Elites without tactics?!"
Dude: "That's the way I play. Deal with it."

I gotta admit his "Deal with it" really threw me off. I believe I got PTSD temporarily thanks to this guy.

So, after Infected I did the worst thing possible: Joining the queue for Khitomer Space Elite

Me: "Hi ^^"
Me: "So whos gonna take care of the probes?"
Me: "err, hello?"
Me: "Look people, this is a teamwork based mission. Wont hurt you guys if you reply"
[Awww crap]
Me: "Awww crap"
[I give up. Not gonna type anymore. Maybe the're pro's who know what the're doing]

After we destroy the cube the others start doing their thing which is apparently... probe duty. All 4 for them.. 2 guys shooting at the probes on left side and 2 guys shooting at them on the right side. Which leaves only me to take on the generators/transformers.

A minute or so later the first probes enter the portal.

They play a teamwork based mission but refuse to communicate, to work in a team. In my book that is anti social behaviour. I behave socially and get punished for it. Others reap the benefits. I felt like a fool. Usually one should be expecting this from a random PUG but because of the crazy person of the Infected run just minutes before, I got angry and lost my cool a bit.

I spawn a Cube and have to solo it until one of the 4 guys gets bored by shooting probes and decides to attack the cube also.

And then I thought, if the others do what they want why shouldn't I claim the same privilege for myself? So, I stopped shooting, got to a standstill next to the cube. Maybe this will catch their attention. But almost immediately I felt a bit silly and just before I hit the Warp-Out button, this:

Others: "You wanna help us or just sit there or what"
[ OMG they live!]
Me: "Oh so you can speak after all"
Me: "suck doesnt it. if someone refuses to team work"
Others: "Are you mad because of the optional?!"
Me: "No. Why didnt you respond before? Only when I come to a standstill you stop ignoring me"
Others: "I have put you on my ignore list now."
Others: "Me too"
[Oh my! ]
Me: "Seriously if you dont wanna teamwork, then please GTFO of elite STF's."
Others: "He just want to need the drops!"
Others: "I believe he's angry because of lack of communication etcpp"
Me: "No. I will not NEED. You can keep your lousy drops. If i am not entitled to your help, then you are not entitled to my help"
Others: "And now you are acting like a ****"
[Goes back and forth a bit]
Me: "Since I've made my point, I will help you now to finish this mission. I just hope you speak to each other in future STF's"
[I start shooting the cube]
Others: "NOW"
[3 of them warp out]
Other: "I hope you are happy now. I have to go to work in 1 hour and thx to you I get leaver penalty."
[Which is not true]

I know, wall of text ^^. And also, chat is not verbatum but from memory. And yes I know, I maybe acted like a ****. Won't do it again.